Last but the best day🇺🇸

It was a heart-breaking Friday day to say goodbye to the state of love Omaha. One thing I found fabulous was the opportunities for all YSEALI members to talk and express their opinions toward both arrangement and the well preparation of the schedule.

In fact, we 21 young learners have provided lots of good comments. The program should be prolonged said Nicholas from Singapore and this awesome program is a life-changing experience, Dika from Indonesia remarked. In addition, I also think that I love Leadership of Mr. Val, he is a real communicator and without him the formal meeting of mayor, congress man, and the Secretary of State would not be possible. I have great faith and strong admiration on his work. Talking about Patrick, I have noticed he has put efforts and commitment in assisting us regarding to critical thinking skills , even it was the work behind the scenes he never complains, I can tell he works hard. Cassidy is worth mentioning, maybe I love her so much. She helps both facilitating and coordinating very well which brings and improves us to the next level in terms of professionalism. Then it came to the farewell luncheon with the chancellor, we had lunch and I got to tell him my roles as Cambodian women, what I am doing and what am I going to do. He said he has great belief in us that we will go and make our country a better place. Later, it was the time to get the certificate of achievement, we all were so thrilled and honored to be titled as UNO graduates. Chancellor, Patrick, Katy, Val, and Paul joined in celebrating our accomplishment. In conclusion, I ended the day with the memorable moments as well as sad feeling knowing that I have to leave amazing place which full of good people who teach me how to love and how to be loved.


Yates saves refugees!

It was on 31st March when young, dynamic and enthusiastic members of YSEALI 2017 were provided chance to visit Yates. Yates goal is to provide sustained and ongoingIMG_6251.JPG support to ESL, migrant, refugee and neighborhood families. Yates has helped 2463 refugees from 12 different countries. Most of them come from Burma, Thanakha, Bhutan,Somalia, and Syria. Surprisingly, We, young leaders, got to learn that those refugees decided to come to US because they encountered war and disasters. Furthermore, one of the Yates representatives said that the major problems that refugees face are the loss of families, cultures, identity, and language. Coming to US, they also learn how to adapt to the the working, education, climate and technologies transformation. Another important thing that needs to be taken into account is so as to offer endless help, Yates provides appropriate program with specialized instruction, extended learning opportunities, parent education and Yates, HS thrives student leadership club which enormously benefit the refugees. What impressed me the most is seeing all the refugees living and exposing to better life condition and they seem to enjoy the services provided by Yates a lot. I have met one lady who has 4 kids studying at Yates, she said her family is happy living here. She is so happy that she can have the opportunities to stay in USA and get her child proper education. Her life would be miserable without Yates.

The best time invested at Northfield Elementary school and Gering high school

I have joined Shaylah Stephen’s class at the Northfield Elementary school, asked students about their future careers, some said they wanna be a doctor, nurse, cop, teacher. What appeared to be noticeable about the class was its well-organized structure, but in a free style, students felt so happy and free to get their freedoms, students can get lots of free gifts by achieving good performance at greater levels. At the end of the day they will be given stars from teachers in the exchange of highlighters, pens and pencils. This plays crucial part as one of the methodologies of motivation. Students were very smart and they were not obliged to wear uniform. Small students were really interested in asking Yseali members lots of questions. One male students asked ” what is the major difference as we from Asian entering US for the first time? Harry from Vietnam said of course weather, food, environment, and people were the core differences. What surprised me the most was i was given a portrait of myself by an American cute girl, she said she loves me and handed me the picture she drew for me, It was a heart-breaking moment that I have to leave her class. I began my next journey to the Gering high school. Honestly, students in American schools all looked so mature and physically strong! I have been to Spanish, international studies, and music classes. The feeling of happiness happened when the classes are being taught by real police officers, musicians, and professional lecturers. The students seem to have lots of interests in Asian, they also sang two songs for us as gifts, also the important thing that needs to be mentioned was law class was pretty cool when students got to study real cases of crimes and lots more! I am so grateful knowing about how American education is structured.

Lastly, We have toured around the campuses and we also joined the gym and art classes which all the students looked so energized and fresh to start their classes. American has a wide range of facilities for their students, there is no pressures for student to avoid them from going to school but only creation of best environment given to encourage them to appear in class.

The formal discussion with Congressman Don Bacon, a Republican, is the representative for Nebraska’s 2nd congressional district.

Meeting the congressman,IMG_3403

It was on Saturday 18 March, where YSEALI Academic fellowship civic engagement 2017 members were given precious opportunity to have a formal discussion with Mr. Don Bacon, congressman. This rare and rich occasion took place at the University of Nebraska which had been known for the peaceful, loving and caring University. What impressed me the most about Mr. Congressman was his down to earth attitudes, respectful behavior and his smiling face. Another crucial things that needs to be taken into account is Mr. Congressman was so occupied with his formal meetings, but he was willing to invest his valuable time with YSEALI members without any hesitation. We have probed lots of inquiries and he responded with well-behaved manner which really captured my intention. He told us a lot about how the US government works, structures and answers to some serious public requests. He did answer to one essential question that 3 important people have very strong influences on him. He encouraged me to feel proud to choose the field I am into. Because he also transformed himself a lot and this has been made happened because of his courage and the vision toward the new possible desire is so strong and powerful. He also stated that every successful person reach success to the peak because family is the reason behind. Hence, family is the core element to push you to accomplish your ultimate goal. All in all, I see things in a different picture after meeting him. It is a priceless opportunity having a chance to be exposed and surrounded by many awesome and incredible people who have a lot to share in terms of personal experiences, education and cultures.