Value on what you Believe

Now it has gone over three weeks with love, happiness, friendship and experience changed me to get more confidence and familiarity with this fabulous City. I have been learnt a Book (A Lifetime of Learning to lead) from Dr. Paul Landow especially about knowing yourself. Paul said “Leadership typically involves leading followers to build good relationship based on respect and trust. Leader has integrity, honesty fairness, equity, justice and compassion”. One of the lecture encourage me is that no matter how hard it is, you should value on what we believe and need to be transparency among the followers. Dr Patrick’s lecture about Conflict Management  motivated me how to solve and need to face rather than getting avoid conflict in term of it is a natural.


I have had a chance to get private meeting with City Council at which I get A Honorary Citizenship Certificate and also participate in public country commissioners meeting as well as tour to Mayor’s Office. Because of this experience, I significantly feel myself as a leader of my community compassionately and enthusiastically. One of the board member from Malcom X Birth Site and Foundation inspired me in term of his believes, his leadership paradigm, his commitment through crucible experience and fabulous Speech. YETES community Center is literary the most effective community center for Refugees from conflict affected countries to help them to get safety, confidence and familiarity with this city. Interestingly, this community is not only focus on young people but giving a chance older people to learn about English and life Skills such as sewing, computer and cooking classes as well as nutritious Class.


Omaha’s Zoo is one of my favorite places that I have ever been with varieties of species and some animals that I have never seen. The zoo jungle make me feel being to amazon and I have seen the biggest fish in that jungle. I can see that this zoo is very diverse and one of the space for any creature to survive.

Report By Lawt


Learning Civic life and Community Service in Nebraska Omaha


I am Lawt from 17580163_689825084554730_1528903692_n.jpgMyanmar and one of the participants from YSEALI program. Nebraska is my first time journey to the US which is very developed, culturally and ethnically diverse country. As I started my trip to the US, i was full of questions with fear and excited in the 22 hours flight distance. Now it has been 2 weeks that I have engage with new challenges and experiences with full of knowledge in Omaha. Within the first week, I’ve met with the most talented peers from Southeast Asia Countries. Nebraska’s residences are gentle and warm which make me to stay here for my life. I have studied about the civic engagement and leadership skills with UNO professors by emerging ideas with our own experiences. I have learnt civic aspects by meeting with some UNO politicians and attending UNO community engagement events. Furthermore, exploring to museums and monuments give me more understanding of civic life of Nebraska and Native American’s history. We’ve had some team building activities made us more unite and built more understanding among participants created us more changes to interconnect not only within the participants but as a neighborhood of Southeast Asia countries.


                In a week passed with full of experience, we visited to Creighton University as a university toured and we discuss about the native American history which provides us to know about our own background histories and encourage us to value of our community backgrounds. We ended with our wonderful day by visiting Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail and Midwest Regional office to learn about Nebraska history. The next day we began with our new journey to West Nebraska to learn about community services and histories. We visited Scotts Bluff National Monument and took photos with the historical records. We spent three days with our host family which keeps me warm, safe and happy. The reason is that i haven’t seen my parent for a long time which gives me the feeling of the family life. We had round table discussion about Child abuse, Neglect and empowerment with local social workers which make me turn back to our countries issue on our home children vulnerable life. Our discussion inspires me about caring and protecting from abusing their childhood life. We also made a cultural presentation from each country representative participants and I’ve interestingly learnt about their culture and I am very proud to share my culture as well. We also discovered about the history of agriculture in west Nebraska in tern of visiting to the legacy of the Plains. Throughout this two weeks, I have learnt not only the culture and history of Nebraska but I have studied the civic activities that are helping, encouraging, providing happiness to their community and the community also response with responsible and love which makes this city more peaceful and developed.