Aren’t we all human?

IMG_3335“Every human life is worth the same, and worth saving”. That are the best words to describe what is happening in YATES Education Community Partnership School, here in Omaha. A place where refugees can feel like at home, where they can learn academic as well as life skills. All refugees are welcome, no matter how old are they, their religion, race, or skin colour.

I did not expect that this service is even exist in America, which most of the people aware about the country new policies on refugees and immigrants. YATES ECP is funded by the federal state and since the education budget for grants by the new President has been cut off to 13.5%, I just hope that it will not affect them to continue doing it.

No one in this world wants to be refugees, but the problems in their home country forced them to survive in this way. Just spread the love, not hatred. Together we can be the peacemakers.



1st Week Volunteering and 2nd Week in Lewis and Clark HQ

IMG_2661Year 2013 was when I started to go to the street with 50 packs of foods and clothes for homeless people. I still remembered how most of these less fortunate people smiled and thanked to us as the volunteers. But does it mean that they will not feel hungry and shirtless in the following week just because they had a box of fried rice, a pack of two grains biscuits, an apple, and a black L size Gildan t-shirt?

March 16th was the day when YSEALI students went to Youth Emergency Services (YES). Located at Farnam St., Omaha, it is an agency which provide shelters and foods, as well as other support services for youth in crisis. I was surprised to see the facilities which are free to use, where I never thought that it is possible . Everyone love free things, but I personally think that too much of it can cause people to be dependent on free stuffs. It was good to know that these services are granted by the state department, showing that the government commits to provide equality of life for Americans. Back to where I live, either the homeless will be returned to their families by polices or let them sleep on the street as long as they are not causing trouble and unsafe environment.

Since the activity on that day was volunteering service, I had a chance to help them segregate the toiletries which will be packed before being distributed. Most of the stuffs were donated by public, which I was so amazed how the community plays a big role in helping the needy. In Malaysia, we have few NGOs that run charities program in funds raising but to keep consistent in donating are the major problem. We can help those in need today, but the day after they still at the trash bins struggling for foods.

Looking at those in YES agency working together to help youths, one thing that crossed my mind was that they do not ask something in return while helping. I believe that as long as we do what we should, then it is people choice to take it for granted or value the contributions.



In the 2nd week, I went to Lewis and Clark Historical Trail and National Park Service Regional Headquarters. It was on March 20th, and the place is located at Riverfront Dr, Omaha. I would say that I was the most excited person to go there since I am so enthusiastic about the scenic hiking trail around the world. I have seen the Lewis and Clark logos in few bagpack brands websites before, but I have never try to read about it in Google. Well, it might not be as famous as the Pacific Crest Trail then.

We did not expect that we will just spend half an hour to watch a documentary. For some of us, they found it quite boring since they thought it’s going to be like walk tour in a museum. There were not much of real footage on the expedition, and most of the time it’s just a scenic videos with storyteller. But that was not the reason to feel pointless about the documentary since the first ever photograph was clicked was in the year 1814, 8 years after the expedition ended. You can’t expect them to record the expedition using GoPro, captured nice photos with microfour third lenses, or been talking in Facebook Live on the trail.

The expedition started at St. Louis until Pacific Coast, and took them about 2 years and 4 months to complete it. As written in the pamphlet and Wikipedia, the goal of the mission is to explore the Missouri River and find the most practicable water communication. They were also went for science study as well. After the documentary ended, we went out from the hall and I grabbed few stuffs from the merchandise store. It was just like an hour in the HQ but I still found that it is one of the must visit places in Omaha. Good job Lewis and Clark!