10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Join YSEALI

1. Ruins your social expectations. 

It is hard to find the same kind of people who share the YSEALI UNO experience. Sets high standards for future connections.


2. Get your heart-broken constantly. 

Meet, reunite, separate. Rinse and repeat for added suckiness.


3. Lose your job and supposedly set life-paths. 

[Was not the intended effect of YSEALI].

1 dropped out of a sponsored college.


2 people in YSEALI 2015 quit their jobs

jayne 2


4. Social media spam 

Nuff said.


dini social media spam.JPG

5. Accelerates your ageing. 

All that travel and leadership related stress adds to our years, ya know.

From partying to staying in, YSEALI ages you.

From this


To this


6. Health risk from tom yam 

Too spicy.


7. The difficulty of maintaining long distance relationships.

Thank God Skype and Hangouts are free.


8. Embarrassing and complicated romance.

Errrrr, I will spare the pictures to respect our privacy and sanity lol. But you know who you are.

9.  Occasional +1 curse for photos. 

Group photo taking has never been this hard.

plus one

10. Overshadowing by extremely talented people.

When everyone is so talented….


So there you have it folks, why YSEALI UNO should be avoid at all costs (or not).


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