Last but the best day🇺🇸

It was a heart-breaking Friday day to say goodbye to the state of love Omaha. One thing I found fabulous was the opportunities for all YSEALI members to talk and express their opinions toward both arrangement and the well preparation of the schedule.

In fact, we 21 young learners have provided lots of good comments. The program should be prolonged said Nicholas from Singapore and this awesome program is a life-changing experience, Dika from Indonesia remarked. In addition, I also think that I love Leadership of Mr. Val, he is a real communicator and without him the formal meeting of mayor, congress man, and the Secretary of State would not be possible. I have great faith and strong admiration on his work. Talking about Patrick, I have noticed he has put efforts and commitment in assisting us regarding to critical thinking skills , even it was the work behind the scenes he never complains, I can tell he works hard. Cassidy is worth mentioning, maybe I love her so much. She helps both facilitating and coordinating very well which brings and improves us to the next level in terms of professionalism. Then it came to the farewell luncheon with the chancellor, we had lunch and I got to tell him my roles as Cambodian women, what I am doing and what am I going to do. He said he has great belief in us that we will go and make our country a better place. Later, it was the time to get the certificate of achievement, we all were so thrilled and honored to be titled as UNO graduates. Chancellor, Patrick, Katy, Val, and Paul joined in celebrating our accomplishment. In conclusion, I ended the day with the memorable moments as well as sad feeling knowing that I have to leave amazing place which full of good people who teach me how to love and how to be loved.


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