Lucky To Have You


Hello, can you hear me?
I’m in Omaha dreaming about when we first arrived.
When we had more time than now.
I’ve forgotten how it felt before the schedule fell at our feet.

Our 3rd week in Omaha has officially passed by and believe that no one of us feels much excited about the coming activities as the first day we arrived. We are running out of time. We have started missing Omaha…

My dear family in USA.

If I had to describe this week by only one word, it would be “lucky”. Lucky because I again had great opportunities to upgrade myself with knowledge of conflict management, leadership and social entrepreneurship. Lucky because I has been made an honorary citizen of the City of Omaha. And last but not least, lucky because I was at Yates and learnt about how lucky they were to have immigrants and refugees as their family members.

Located in the midtown area of the city, Yates School provides immigrants and refugees with necessary skills that will help them be successful in the Omaha community. “Many refugees came with shock even though they already had orientation before coming to USA”, Susan Mayberger – ESL Coordinator shared with us. By offering different essential classes such as ESL, sewing and four early childhood, Yates School is obviously a platform for the refugees to start up their lives in America.

What made me feel most impressed was a statement happened to catch our eyes right after our very first step through the main gate: “Lucky to have you at YATES.”. These 6 words themselves spoke everything about the beauty of love between people and people. No matter who you are, where you come from or what story you are holding back, there are always kind hearts and helping hands around if you are in need. Moreover, the immigrants and refugees also strengthen Omaha by strong skill sets, cultural identity and ethnic pride, religious beliefs and support. “They are legal to live here and Omaha needs them” was one of our statements when wrapping up Yates’ presentation. We were all indeed inspired by their great work of building a strong community.


(Luong – Pham Thi Phuong Luong)


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