Yates saves refugees!

It was on 31st March when young, dynamic and enthusiastic members of YSEALI 2017 were provided chance to visit Yates. Yates goal is to provide sustained and ongoingIMG_6251.JPG support to ESL, migrant, refugee and neighborhood families. Yates has helped 2463 refugees from 12 different countries. Most of them come from Burma, Thanakha, Bhutan,Somalia, and Syria. Surprisingly, We, young leaders, got to learn that those refugees decided to come to US because they encountered war and disasters. Furthermore, one of the Yates representatives said that the major problems that refugees face are the loss of families, cultures, identity, and language. Coming to US, they also learn how to adapt to the the working, education, climate and technologies transformation. Another important thing that needs to be taken into account is so as to offer endless help, Yates provides appropriate program with specialized instruction, extended learning opportunities, parent education and Yates, HS thrives student leadership club which enormously benefit the refugees. What impressed me the most is seeing all the refugees living and exposing to better life condition and they seem to enjoy the services provided by Yates a lot. I have met one lady who has 4 kids studying at Yates, she said her family is happy living here. She is so happy that she can have the opportunities to stay in USA and get her child proper education. Her life would be miserable without Yates.


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