Sharing is Caring

As I come to the end of my 3rd week in Omaha, I am again reminded of how fortunate I have been to have grown up in a country such as Singapore, where internal conflict and violence are absent.

The visit to YATES this week got me thinking of how lucky we all have been to be in this program, unlike some of the participants in the school which I had an opportunity to interact with and listen to. I met a 33-year old Male, from Myanmar, who told us that from the tender age of 9, he was moved to a refugee camp in which he spent the next 14 years, hoping that another country would accept him as their own. Following that, he spent the next 10 years in the US trying to find a decent job and assimilate into the culture with hopes of providing his family of 3 an honest living.

Through this story, I could not help but wonder how fortunate I have been thus far, never having needed to fear for my life in Singapore. This has also made me think of how much more Singaporeans and myself could do to help other surrounding nations who are in so much more trouble of their own. Having been blessed with such a good economy, I feel that Singaporeans should indeed start learning to give to others around them, regardless of it being monetary or non-monetary means. This has definitely  invigorated me to help spread this message of helping others, especially with the youth in Singapore, with hopes of inculcating it in them through their formative years.

I am definitely looking forward to learning more in the upcoming week, but am also sad that this program is more than halfway through:(



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