3-minute call


        3rd week in Omaha has gone like a rocket. I have been in involved in any kind of engagement activities with local NGOs in Omaha. One of those places that I am impressed the most in this week is Heartland Worker Center. I will give you a briefly definition about what this organization does. It deals with the local workers’ rights that ensures their voices get  included and it also works to improve the quality of local people life in Omaha community through sharing, training and organizing. It raised my concern about participating in the community especially voting for a Mayor in each states. It might somehow be neglected for someone because it doesn’t as big as the president electoral. I got a chance to volunteer here by making a phone call to local people which are pretty much strangers to me to encourage them to use their rights in voting their new mayor. At first I was extremely nervous about it because I was not sure whether the person whom I was talking to will understand my English accent or not. Then, it wasn’t that bad as I expected before. I feel like I wanna win over them to when they hung up to me because of what right things I am doing for them. It’s of course a heart broken job as a bearable operator. I learnt more how did they feel since I experienced in their shoes before. I feel sorry when I dd refused the call from some kind of this purpose. It remind me of caring another unknown that seem to be reasonable for me more and sometimes what they have done is also a benefit of us. 3-minute call might altogether help our community and our live in some cases in the future. Take your time for them! ❤️❤️

         The picture I posted above are the example role plays of making a phone call by the staffs at Heartland Worker Center.



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