YSEALI : one of a million journeys in finding myself.

Hi, I’m Reinaldy, an Electrical Engineering student from Lampung, Indonesia. I’m now in my sixth year. I, like everybody else, am unique. Engineering is just my one-self. I have many selves, and one of them is a co-founder of a volunteer-based organization called JANIS in order to find my meaning in this universe. JANIS is a non-profit organization which concerning in building a sustainable community especially in rural areas.

Enough about me, I’d like to talk about YSEALI (Young South East Asia Leaders Initiative) program. I had applied this program for three times and I finally got my chance in my third trial. This program focuses in some issues, one of them is Civic Engagement, which I applied. I got a chance to be hosted by our beloved campus, University of Nebraska at Omaha; United States of America.

This is a five – weeks program and this is our first week schedule.schedule

Yep, I know. Seems like it is a full schedule, isn’t it? Yes indeed, it is.

Of all those agendas, there is one experience that was really open my mind and broaden my thought. That was a trip to The Boys Town. Boys Town is founded by Father Flanagan years ago. It was an orphanage house. In that trip we learned how hard it was to build the orphanage house. It was an orphanage house which accept every child regardless his ethnicity or races.

We visited Boys Town’s museum and there, I learned what true sincerity is. He borrowed money to feed the first-kids and to build a proper house for them. Then he encouraged them to stand on their own feet, and they did! The kids worked as barber, waiters, buskers, and etc. They lived sustainably and the house was passed through generations until now.


I learned so many things and one of my favorite lesson was a statue of a boy who piggy-back his friend and under the statue was written “He ain’t no heavy, Father. He’s m’ brother”. I was going to cry to see how beautiful the true sincerity is.


There are too much to share in this short passage. But I think this experience will lead me into a better version of myself. A self which have better awareness to people. A better awareness to love more and do more.



Nebraska, March, 2017



Reinaldy Aulia Kurniawan



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