Who am I in the USA ?

My second week in Nebraska was starting by visiting Creighton university, which is located in Omaha city. We had met with several professors and students of this university. Before we had lunch togethers with professors and students of philosophy major in the cafeteria of university, we had a seriously lecturer which was lectured by Prof Kin. Besides this, there were a lot of new knowledge that I got from his lecture. He mentioned. ” Who am I?” How could we continue the journey if we do not know where have our story been? you have to believe what you do. IMG_0317

From that time, I have always thought and asked myself “who am I?” until I went to explore in western of Nebraska to engage with community and stayed with host family for four days.

Did I get the answer while I was in western of Nebraska?
I will not answer this question by “Yes, I did or No, I did not “, meanwhile I will demonstrate the answer throughout a story. I assess that readers are more excited in reading my exploration in western of Nebraska.

We left off from Sonesta Suites at 7.30 am toward to the western of Nebraska. We were on the bus about 7 hours and finally we reached at gering community then our host families came to pick up us to different host families. My host father he was a journalist and very good at photography, while my host mother she was a teacher of hi school. Both are retirement already. Moreover, I learning several things from my host family. We were discussing about politics, foods, social issues, cultural and others every night before going to bedroom and during having breakfast. Furthermore, our last night in gering community we had cultural presentation delegated to our host families. In addition, all fellowships of 10 associated countries in Southeast Asia had only 5 minutes for each countries to present out its custom. I was representing of Thailand with my two Thai friends. Nevertheless, my cultural dress was totally different from Thai’s cultural dress. Regarding to I dressed my cultural dress, which is definitely similar to Malaysian’s cultural dress. After the program almost finished, there was a American came forward to me and asked me; excuse me: could I ask you something? Why your cultural dress is differently from the rest of Thai? It is similarly to Malaysian’s cultural dress. So, I answered. Yes it is same with Malaysia and we call this custom is ” Baju Melayu or Melayu clothes “. The following question was why do you dress Melayu clothes? I responded immediately that I am from Patani (minority group) in southern part of Thailand. I called myself is Patanian, but in this program I am a representing of Thailand. Unfortunately, we had no time to talk to each other. So, I gave him my name card and If you would like to know more about Patani just send me email I will reply as fast as possible. In the last day with host family, I gave them a small souvenirs, which is a button with a sentence ” We Love Patani”. During my journey back to Omaha I was writing “A letter from the USA to Patani ” in my official language on the bus. Every sentence that I wrote down in the letter was from my heart and then I posted it on social media to share with my friends on the ground in Patani especially. Moreover, all of sentences that I had written on that letter is relevant to “Who am I?”

Arfan Wattana

Foreign Relations of Patani Institute (PI)


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