Week 2: The Journey Continues

“Do good and good will come to you. Do good, think nothing but goodness, say nothing but nice things, and see what happens in your life. See clearly, you will find nothing but goodness filling up your days.” – Reinaldy

Hi, I’m Reinaldy. I wrote previously here YSEALI : one of a million journeys in finding myself.

The quote I wrote in the beginning of my post is basically what I learned the most on this second week of the program. On this second week, we traveled to Western Nebraska, to the city of Scotts Bluff. This is how the schedule looked like:

schedule week 2

The schedule wasn’t as tight as the first week but doesn’t mean I didn’t learn a lot than before. I, even learned more things on this second week, but in this post I would like to tell my experience in my host-family. 20170324_072138_perfectlyclear00011.jpg

They are my host-family, Ron and Carolyn. Ron is a pastor and a very kind christian. His words are polite and his beautiful attitude brings joy to everyone, including me.

At first I was afraid coming to America due to the islamophobia. I am from Indonesia, which has the largest muslim population in the world. I got stereotypes about American and those are not so good. Meeting them, breaks all of those stereotype. I couldn’t find anything but kindness in this family. Ron, even though is a Pastor, he learns the Quran, and helps muslim to eradicate the islamophobia by sharing what he learn from the Holy Quran. They inspire me to be a better muslim by looking at their beautiful personality. They inspire me to write the quote I wrote in the beginning of this article.

One thing I learn: be good, at all cost. Be kind always. It’s not a choice, it’s a must.


Nebraska, March, 2017


Reinaldy Aulia Kurniawan



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