The Precious Second Week in the Scottsbluff NE

It’s been two weeks of the most amazing and memorable experience I have ever spent in my life. This year is, without a doubt, enhancing my personality and enriching my mind and knowledge. My host family, Nellene and Paul Mailender were wonderful. They were the nicest family everyone could ask for. They are one of the nicest couple I know and I am very grateful to them for making my stay so pleasant. They always had a nice breakfast waiting for us in the morning, they always did their best to help us learn about the local culture, and they were patient, understanding and very warm people. I always felt welcome in their house and fully appreciate the experiences that they gave Bell, Ulfah and me. Besides giving us rides and taking care of us when we were sick, they also managed to spoil us with fresh fruits and bread every morning! They were wonderful people and I do hope they continue to host students because they made our experience in Scottsbluff a truly memorable one.

A day in Northfield Elementary School was truly an eye opener for me. To be honest I am so overwhelmed with how the whole education systems work in the elementary school in the US. US has the most advanced education system from the rest of the world. State and the local government play key role in designing the curriculum. I was surprised to find out that it is ok to interrupt your teacher to ask a question. They actually like that because it shows that they are interested in learning the subject. Most of the students were actively involved in the class lesson because the American curriculum emphasizes the importance of group participation in the classroom, discussion and presentation. I just love the whole energy and the atmosphere in every classroom which is very vibrant and supportive. I have learned a lot from the teachers and the students there. I would love to apply what I have learned and seen here to the way I teach my students back in my hometown.


Nadiah Abdul Lateb, Malaysia

At the Northfield Elementary School, Scottsbluff NE
From your left, my host mom Nellene Mailender, Ulfah (Indonesia), Bell (Brunei) and me

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