Team Building and Leadership

                                                                                                                                            19th March 2017

                                                                                                                                            Camp Catron

The outdoor trip to Camp Catron on 19th March 2017 imparted me about team building and challenge courses as a team member as well as about the importance of leadership to achieve team goal with the participation of team members. We were divided into two small groups to work out for the team activities whereby individuals had freedom to share his/her ideas and strategies to achieve the team assigned takes and games with positive outcomes.


In fact, the assigned games and activities were very challenges activities which were not easy to achieve by individual. So, as a team, we not only chose a leader, but created team working environment that individuals are the important leaders of the team in order to develop cooperative responsibilities inside the team. Despite it was not easy to develop trust, belief, unity and togetherness with people from different countries with different norms, cultures and behavior, we-the team successfully developed those by accepting that individual is unit in nature but has share values, issues, problems and challenges to work out in team as human being is social animal whose cannot live alone. Besides, we valued the dignity and worth of individual in the team which make individual belonging into the team and felt responsible for the failure and success of the team.17577963_1290079514422349_1070593677_n.jpg

With the lead of team leader, we, individuals in the team firstly studied about the games and its situations from different angles and did team discussion whereby individual shared his/her plans which were prioritized and developed as action plans and strategies to achieve team goals.  From this team working experiences, I have learnt that not only leader is important, but team members are also important to success team’s goal. Moreover, I also learn that in decision making of the team, individuals’ ideas and opinions are important to consider in order developing inclusiveness, trust and unity inside the team.

By: Jugar Smart Man (Pa Hu)


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