SPRING 2017 : This what you came for..



This is the most awaited trip on early 2017! YSEALI.. Finally i made it here in The USA. In the first couple days i can say i did nothing except trying hard to mingle among this brightest youth from the region. It is very interesting to interact with various backgrounds of other fellows. Get to know that all the young talented generation of the region are creating changes in their own countries and the region. I must admit, it’s a bit intimidating to be here to share an idea on a topic with the young experts from all over ASEAN as my readers. Even though it is not my daily job, it’s still a topic I feel very passionate about. Youth Empowerment.


We are all here today. Representing all ASEAN countries because we know our problem is undoubtedly serious.  We face an expanding youth demographic boom – more than a million young people seeking their places in the region, living mainly in the developing area – and they all need chances to succeed. For many of them, their prospects simply aren’t equal to their energy and ambition. The Majority of them are facing the lack of possitive adult support and guidance. Many others are facing the other issues beyond their controll.


During our visit to YES Shelter, I found it interesting that there is an organization that has a special concern to help youth find their own potentiality. This Non-Governmental Organization basically work to help youth in needs as they create supporting system to make them flourish. That was amazed me when I knew that this NGO has been creating large scale effect in Omaha community. From this organization I learn that the best way to get those young people get back from their own feet is simply by providing critically-needed aids for them which will make those people empowered and self-sufficient.


The other scheduled event I was attended is the session with cutting-edge speakers from Non Profit Organizations on the leadership panel at Collage of Public Affairs and community service (CPACS). This enriching session was offered super fun discussion and that was also the most intriguing, deeply respected, touchstone of the intellect! It has the power to grow the worth-exploring ideas that we can implement after we come back to our countries and involve on the grassroots movement.



On the 2nd week we had a chance to visit western part of Nebraska where we got to discover how the NGOs in small community such as Gering and Scottsbluff enhancing the sustainable relationship with the the government in terms of rehabilitation youth from abused and neglacted cases to be more empowered. it is including process of strengthening the skills of youth so that they know how to effectively make decisions, positively interact with their peers, and act as community member. During our trip in Western Nebraska, local committee also scheduled a session for us to visit The Community Action Partnership Western Nebraska – a professional-run socially driven community, which is known as place for youth who have been physically, emotionally or sexually abused, to recover themselves and live their life normally.


I have to admit that this 2nd week in Nebraska state has led me to a big question about the future of ASEAN youth. About 60 percent (370 million) out of the total 620 million of our population in ASEAN are falling below the age of 35. This is amount of people who will shape the region’s progress and future. But in fact, untill now it is easily to see that our young people grow up in the situations where vulnerabilities are everywhere. Child abused, sexual harrasment to young people, and the rate of unemployement youth that is getting increased every single year. By this situation, Do you think is there any possibilites for ASEAN youth to play a pivotal role in the next future in the global scale?


I just want to take this ocassion as a rememberance that it is such a reliefe as a part this prestigous program. This is the best platform for us as ASEAN youth to gain knowledge and experience as much as we can, and make this meaningful. So lets do our best for the rest of the day and make the most out of it, because this is what we came for.


Omaha, NE 27 Maret 2016.


– Dika Sembiring ( Indonesia)


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