PASSION : Make the best out of it

The first week in the US has been an incredible experienced for me and the rest of the YSEALI participants. We’ve been exposed with a lot of new things such as we’ve been to a lot of museums in Omaha, learned about leadership in non-profit sector and visited the Boys Town which I believe we’ve learned a lot from the Boys town history background which was dedicated to the care, treatment, and education of at-risk children.

I do believe that this YSEALI program is not just focusing on the theme itself (Civic Engagement) but also we can explore more of our passion than we could here in University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO). On Sunday March 3rd 2017 where all of the YSEALI participants and student mentors meet for the first time at the Bowling Arena in West Lanes, which where I’ve met Dr Patrick McNamara (Program Director) for the very first time there whom I believe he is such a very amazing person. Since I am a teacher and a tutor myself, I am really interested in empowering youth in education especially in the rural areas, he then asked me what I am interested in doing the most and recommend me to meet the expert in education which is Dr Philip D. Nordness who is the Lecturer in the Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders of UNO. Dr Nordness is such an incredible person and very helpful to me because he keeps giving me a lot of advice on education especially on how to handle student in elementary school. I really appreciate that every single person here is very supportive and positive about the betterment of our lives and community. Keep doing that people! For all the YSEALI participants, do enjoy every single second here and grab as much opportunities as you can while we’re here. Be the best among the best!

FullSizeRender 2
Meet and greet session at the West Lanes
With the Program Director, Dr Patrick McNamara

Nadiah Abdul Lateb, Malaysia


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