Hands to Harmony of Lives

                                                                                          26th March 2017

                                                                                          Scotts Bluff, West Nebraska, USA

It is my pleasure to express my sincere feeling of a visit to Scotts Bluff, West Nebraska, United State of America. I am very impressed by the social environment, social services, love , care, warmly welcomed and norms of the local people out-there live in Scotts Bluff, West Nebraska, USA. It was my very first time practically experiencing and exploring  towards society with such warm and love and I can see the eyes of the people how they welcome each other and me even though I could do nothing for them. As soon as I landed Scotts Bluff, I felt I was welcomed and safe due to such good social environment and love and care of the local people. Additionally, I became to understand how sweet the people from Scotts Bluff and their hospitality towards people like me even they never met me before.


As the times and days passed by, my learning, observation and social interaction with them make me realize how this small community work hand on hand to take care each other for the betterment of their community and society. They do have good relationships among them which make individual, families and groups in their community inclusive and feel home. Their looks, behaviors and interactions welcome people feel safe and love that is the most I learn from them to apply also in my daily life. The biggest learning of mine also is that people do have compassion and love to take care of each other specifically to homeless and vulnerable people in order to promote peace and harmony of lives in the community and society.  Moreover, I also learn that Churches and local organizations do full fill the needs of the community whereby activities and programs have been organizing and implementing for promoting sustainable peace community and harmony of lives.


By: Jugar Smart Man ( Pa Hu)



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