Community – The building blocks of Society

Having just ended our second week of the program with a 5 day trip to Western Nebraksa, i was nothing short of amazed at the places and towns that we visited. We were even able to have a homestay experience with an extremely hospitable couple and community in a small town called Gering.

Throughout our stay in Gering and Scotts Bluff, I find myself redefining what “Community” really means. Even though Gering is only a small town of 8000 people, the facilities and museums were comparable if not better than bigger cities which I have visited previously. Through the tours and talks which we had, I realised that all these facilities and successes of the town were only made possible through the Community, and how they pulled their personal resources together to ensure their children received top quality education and even honouring their heritage through the building of a beautiful museum.

Sadly, it is rare that I see such acts of community within Singapore, as people have become overly reliant on the government to ensure things such as public cleanliness and in some extreme cases proper education for their children. Hence, Gering has definitely renewed my faith in humanity and that people are still capable of working together and making something great happen. With this renewed confidence, I hope that i will be able to bring these wonderful practices back to Singapore and encourage people to come together to making Singapore a much better and pleasant place to live in.



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