By Bell (Brunei Darussalam) – week 1.

One of the activities that were plan for our first week of YSEALI program were visiting several attraction of Omaha, Nebraska. However, one visit in particular that astonish me was our visit to one of their significant museum which was the Joslyn Art Museum.

The Joslyn Art Museum has a remarkable architectural design that has become a significant addition to Omaha. The museum itself was a gift form a generous and humble woman named Sarah H. Joslyn in 1931 to the people of Omaha in memory of her husband. An art museum that features some of the best art piece collection that are mostly donated or lend by the good-hearted people and organisations makes the museum the largest art museum in Nebraska. Other than that, the free admission makes the museum more convenient and accessible to everyone.

The history of the museum itself has inspired me of how one act of kindness has a ripple effect to others in the future. Sarah H. Joslyn donated a notable building that later contribute to the great Omaha. The unity of the people are visible when they donate to the museum in terms of artworks and monetary which clearly shows the continuous support for the museum in making “art for everyone”.
From this, I learned that it doesn’t matter if you did something as big as donating a museum or as small as donating 5 dollars to support it, what matters is your action. Be it big or small, every actions will have a consequences either to the environment, community or even another person. 

A majestic decorative artwork donated to the Joslyn Art Museum
My favorite “action painting”


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