The formal discussion with Congressman Don Bacon, a Republican, is the representative for Nebraska’s 2nd congressional district.

Meeting the congressman,IMG_3403

It was on Saturday 18 March, where YSEALI Academic fellowship civic engagement 2017 members were given precious opportunity to have a formal discussion with Mr. Don Bacon, congressman. This rare and rich occasion took place at the University of Nebraska which had been known for the peaceful, loving and caring University. What impressed me the most about Mr. Congressman was his down to earth attitudes, respectful behavior and his smiling face. Another crucial things that needs to be taken into account is Mr. Congressman was so occupied with his formal meetings, but he was willing to invest his valuable time with YSEALI members without any hesitation. We have probed lots of inquiries and he responded with well-behaved manner which really captured my intention. He told us a lot about how the US government works, structures and answers to some serious public requests. He did answer to one essential question that 3 important people have very strong influences on him. He encouraged me to feel proud to choose the field I am into. Because he also transformed himself a lot and this has been made happened because of his courage and the vision toward the new possible desire is so strong and powerful. He also stated that every successful person reach success to the peak because family is the reason behind. Hence, family is the core element to push you to accomplish your ultimate goal. All in all, I see things in a different picture after meeting him. It is a priceless opportunity having a chance to be exposed and surrounded by many awesome and incredible people who have a lot to share in terms of personal experiences, education and cultures.


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