My Social Perspectives To Omaha – Nebraska

It has been a week in Omaha, Nebraska!!

It is such a delightful experience to be selected as a participant for this program. To meet and to know youth leaders from another country can really  open my mind to see things differently from each countries background. Being with people in America gives so much new points of view to me personally, especially from the social perspective.

I found out that Nebraska-Omaha is a very affordable city which is a best place for family and it is not too busy as I imagined like in New York or DC. We do have a lot of stereotypes about American and the country itself. For me, I expected that people in America are more individuals and don’t like to be involved in deep conversation and don’t have a lot of passions for doing social stuffs. But for this first week I found that actually there are lot of people doing this good activities. They really have passion to help people with several problems such as homeless people, youth that involved in drugs and alcohol addict, and people with disabilities to be happy and hope that they can be a better version of themselves in the future. I’ve met a lot of people who already has involved in the NGOs activities since few years ago in University Of Nebraska at Omaha, such as Girlz Inc which is an NGO who focused on girls problems in the community also for their education and health. In the meantime, what impressed me the most is when we were in YES (Youth Emergnecy Services) , a non profit Organization that served homeless people to get some food, clothes, toiletries and many more. We as YSEALI Spring 2017 Fellows had the chance to help them to organized all those stuffs. We separated toiletries that has been used and packed the new ones. Some people who volunteered in this NGO always use their own T-Shirt to promote this activities to people everywhere they go, to get lot of people involved in the fund raising of the NGO itself. It is really a delightful feelings to know some people still have the empathy to help others even though they are in such a big country like this. We also went to Noreen’s house in Omaha, we met all the family members and shared our experience to them, they served us food and we sang lot of songs together, and Noreen told us about her journey in being a teacher for more or less 20 years, also the story of the house. We danced together and it was a good experience.


This first week has been so nice. It really inspires me to do positive activities, to help people more and more.



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