Things can’t be seen but feel.


          Monsiri Chintanavisit known as Ploy, a sophomore student from Prince of Songkla University, Thailand. One of Thai representatives of 2017 Spring YSEALI Academic Fellowship Institutes. Journeying half of the world form my hometown to USA has been one of my meaningful life-long memory that I could never asked from anywhere else. This program brought us, 10 young ASEAN leaders who are on the same page as civic engagement, together to empowering our idea as the youth for our community through experiencing in Omaha. Within only one week passed, they became my beloved friends as my right wing.

          Time has flown fast when we are having fun, right? So far my first week in UNO, Omaha has been fantastic. I had a chance to get involved in several activities including academics and non-academics that definiely let me absorbing American culture and history. The most favorite one that I have experienced is volunteering at YES, Youth Emergency Service Center because this place raised my awareness of homeless people that we as the youth should lend hands to them. We can not take this issue for granted , so do other problems. We might think this is none of our business. However, if we imagine ourselves at their shoes or their positions, we would become more and more understanding each other no matter what genders, ages or races they are. As a human being to live a happy life is to give people who needed help by doing something small but can have a bigger impact on their lives that we might not expect before and enjoy receiving invisible messages that can only be through touching in our hearts.


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