Legacy: Doing what matters

Having gone through my first week in UNO, it has been nothing short of an amazing experience thus far. Although our days are filled with endless activities, each activity teaches us an important lesson that we can bring with us through our whole lives.

Throughout the whole week, we visited the museums and old areas of Omaha. This has opened my eyes to the richness and diversity of US history. Most, if not all of these monuments and historical achievements were heavily influenced by either individuals or a group of them. Coming from a young country like Singapore, one can definitely see the stark difference between the importance placed on people who have made a difference.

This past week has definitely reminded me about ‘Legacy’ and that whatever we do today, even though we may not see the effects in our lifetime, may have a much longer lasting impact through the course of time. I feel that this is definitely an apt reminder for me as I currently plan the rest of my life and how to make something out of it, not just for myself, but for society and hopefully even mankind as a whole!

Will definitely be looking forward to the next 4 Weeks of the YSEALI program and hope that we can learn more from each other and all around us!



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