Week 1 : Civic Engagement in Omaha, Nebraska!

Hi everyone! My name is Pavat, from Thailand. I was selected to be a participant in the Spring 2017 YSEALI Academic Fellowship at University of Nebraska-Omaha (UNO)– Civic Engagement (March 11- April 15, 2017).


Omaha is such a peaceful and gorgeous city, which is very different from my hometown, Bangkok. The program that I have the chance to study is civic engagement. Omaha can serve all the goals perfectly, because it provides me to discover all kinds of the civic engagement, especially NGO and community service.


I have stayed here for ten days already. The thing I love the most about this program is working with my fellows who are very lovely and talented. It is very precious to me, because they all are unique in his/her own way. We share the ideas and raise awareness in the importance of understanding each other’s domestic circumstances.



This will help us to unveil the domestic obstacles of each respective member country in order to reinforce mutual understanding and become an integrated ASEAN community in the future. I still have four weeks left in this program, so just wait and see what I would like to share next. 🙂



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