First of all I would like to thank you so much to YSEALI for giving a chance to me and other fellowships to be a part of university of Nebraska, Omaha, USA. My pleasure to know with new friends from 10 different countries in Southeast Asia, all student mentors, and others.

The first thing that I have to rethink myself is “Why YSEALI selected me to be here” because I never think that I will be here before due to many reasons especially political reason. It can be seen clearly, as a new president Mr. Donald Trump said “I will not allow for Muslims come to America”. So, I never expected that I will be selected to be a part of YSEALI program and be in the USA, yet I got here already and I will learn as possible as I can.image

I have engaged with some activities either academic component or community engagement in a week passed. At the first time, I would say that I did not exactly enjoyable with the program it may be I was uncomfortable with a new situation and condition. Meanwhile, I tried to learn more about diversity in YSEALI until I could know more deeply with other fellowships included student mentors. Furthermore, the one thing that I got while I was here a week is “Singapore does not have any natural resources, but we do have human resource”  it was said by my Singaporean in academic class. This sentence makes me impressively and thinks all the times before going to bedroom. Besides this, to develop the country to be a developed country is no need to have a large number of natural resources, just educates the people of the country is a right way to achieve the country to be successful in any terms. It is also able to change the world more educated and live by peaceful in the future. Last but not least, I hope to visit Singapore after YSEALI program.image

On the other hand, I could also learn a few things about Omaha and the local people. I never thought that this city will be peaceful and people are friendly, meanwhile I did not have enough time yet to learn more deeply about political thought of people in America. I hope that I am able to catch up with American and make conversations about political science and civic engagement.


Arfan Wattana

Foreign Relations of Patani Institute (PI)



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