If we were part of a big NGO …

The term “role play” is so new to me as I have never had such experience during my undergraduate years either at school or private tuition. These exercises at YSEALI civic engagement classes offered me a bunch of takeaways for my future perspectives on learning new knowledge. I feel more engaged with the topics I am learning because of this interactive learning environment I am having at UNO.

other shoes

“Putting yourself in other’s shoes is such an interesting way to learn about people”

          Particularly during our role play session where three groups of YSEALI fellows act as big non-governmental organizations with limited funding, I learnt a lot about teamwork and negotiation. The toughest thing for me during that exercise was the last round of discussion when we had to find solutions to continue our project goal when the economy went down by half. We argued to modify this and that, and eventually ended up cutting down all our project activities reluctantly. Not to my surprise, all of our groups chose “Education” as our main theme of interest to contribute to the better future. Interestingly, we approached our goals in many different ways like scholarship programs for postgraduate degrees and grant competitions.

          I have a small project called “Green Clean Hands” which I have been running since June 2014 and the funding process has always been a big trouble to me. Thanks to my fellow friends, I theoretically learnt a lot about generating revenue by investment while doing social welfare. I hope I can make good use of what I have learnt from the class in my real life.

14 Oct 2015

Dr Thein (Youth Doctors)


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