Philanthropy and Non-profit Organization 


Okay, so let’s start talking about 50$ million endowment. I’ve never think about that sum of money. It’s such a huge money and annually we have 2.500.000$ to spend. The most difficult thing is the calculation of that spending. Not only about the percentage of spending money, but also the way we spend. What is that for and who will be receiver. We have to think carefully so we’ll not make mistakes. We also have to figure out what is the output and how it is giving impact toward society

Well, everyone has great idea, and  it’s empowering and giving a huge impact  toward the society. I like how  we’re doing analytical thinking and making  a strategy. We work as a team and having a great discussion. They are so creative and have a lot of experiences before. So, I got so much knowledge from them and learn many things. It’s motivated me to be a better person and make a big impact toward society

This role play is common in the real life if we’re getting a job or working for organization. The different thing is only the amount of money and there some cases that is different. It gives me training to solve the issues and role in society. I learn how to make decision effectively and efficiently and also how to allocate the money in the right way. It will useful if we’re facing the same or similar issues so we can solve it in a better ways

by : Dini Puspita Hapsari




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