The International Leadership Program


The 38th Annual Global Studies Conference was held on October 2, 2015 at the University of Nebraska Omaha. One of the best sessions for me was the (IVLP). I was very impressed by the story of Mr. Maorong Jiang, one of the alumni of IVLP. He gained so much knowledge and experience during the program in the US. After finishing the program, he came back to his country and implemented the knowledge that he got in the US.

In addition, Mr. Andrew, a former Public Affairs Officer for the US Department of State said that “CONGRATULATIONS!!! You guys have been selected to be the representative of your country for this amazing program. You have to be proud of that and make sure that you can enjoy and learn so much here in the US. After you finished this program, let’s keep in touch and build a good relationship. Moreover, you have to implement your knowledge in your country.”

The point that I got from this session, I am proud for being one of the participants for YSEALI on Civic Engagement 2015 at UNO. Hopefully, I will gain so much knowledge and experience from this program then I will implement it in Indonesia. Young people making change!


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