Team Work


When we did the role play exercise, the most difficult thing for me was about how to arrange the funding, how to use the money to the right place. When I heard the total of funding, there were some problems in my brain that to solve that. For instance; education, environment, health, economic etc. Yet, my team decided to choose the education because we believe that by having a good education, young people will make a big impact to society. In addition, because of the time we could not make funding more detail.

On the other hands, I felt so happy and fun with the funding. It was much money for me. I never have money as much as that funding in my real life. Besides, I have an incredible team.

This exercise helped me to be a better person in funding process. It trained me to think quickly yet right to the goals. Not only learned about the funding process but also about the team work. For me, one of the most important things in doing project is team work. In general, I liked this exercise and helped me to improve my skill.


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