Team Up – A Charismatic classroom experience just turn reality

Mr. Rithy ODOM

         One of the most difficult element in every group project was to present your idea in a way that people can understand and catch the main point easily without having you deliberating and beating around the bush too much. However, I find it more difficult to really think outside of the box in terms of coming up with ideas and being creative in planning a business. Most of my friends have done excellent job in examining the actual financial investment for the project or the scenario while I can only teamworkcontribute ideas. At a certain point I became speechless due to some dizziness where I can no longer present my team’s idea to the whole class and it makes me feel irresponsible, especially when you are one of the two boys in the team.

          All too often, after a rain, there will be clear sky. This role-play happen to be the most enjoyable activity so far in the YSEALI Fall program because everyone gets to think very creatively and able to really apply the scenario to real life. The other fun part was that we were able to apply the lessons that we just learn about Philanthropy and Charity into reality with real people and real situation and actually attempting to yield benefit or return on investment in order to further support investment and better social cause.

I think the problem did give a moderate insight into where money for projects might come from. In this scenario, we were able to divide our finance into different segment in accordance with the sponsorship of the international donors and their conditions. We need money to run different field of a company as well as any organization and those money must be projected and planned in a clear manner throughout a certain period of time so that a set goal can be achieved at the end of the deadline.

Overall, I think that role-play is one of the best ways to get input from everybody and to truly engage students into their lessons, which allow them to learn better and can make real change by action.


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