Role play on topic: Philanthropy and Non-profits

Be a management board member of a fund, $50M in total, $2.5M to spend every year, your plan?

Team member: Bai Tong, Ben, Bernard, Haz, Von and me.

To be more specific, the whole team had to figure out a proposal of how we spend that $2.5M each year in order to achieve the ultimate goal “Make a better world”. In my own view point, the most difficult task in this role play exercise is to find a significant solution. I tried to figure out something truly noteworthy and valuable for our group. That was indeed problematic because of not only the limit of time we had but also each individual view I had to persuade. Fortunately, I came up with an idea which seemed to be good and all my team members are light-speed listeners and thinkers.

However, our cool team did not end with that. We had a born-to-be-investor, Bernard, who was so interested in double our money no matter what the spending plan was. Hence, we delegated him with what he could do best right at the beginning of the discussion. Eventually, he did not make us disappointed as he searched through all investment information in the whole U.S, tried to persuade our management board to invest into real estate and start-up companies who were ready for IPO, then brought that excitement to the whole class.

After the exercise, I took for me two things:

  • Be a philanthropist: pay wisely and make significant action as changing the whole world is so tough though my money is not bottomless.
  • As NGO or whoever ask for funding: know what our investor appreciate, their philosophy, their mission and figure out how our project give them a hand on their journey.

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