Role Pay (Debrief)

In our role play session on Wednesday, what I found difficult were investment and saving issues because I am not good at math, finance and business and we had to do that to keep “The Better Foundation” going, but it was good that we worked in team so we can help each others handle in the field that we are more familiar with and it turned out well in the context of keeping the foundation running and focusing on our philosophy and focus groups.

The most fun is that we work in team. Actually I am not a fan of group projects or group works because the more people there are, the more conflicts there will be; however, working and sharing opinion with my team in this activity is very impressive experience. We shared ideas, listen to one another, divided works in the field that we are more comfortable to do.

This exercise helped me learn a lot in understanding the funding process. We cannot just give money away as much as we want because we have to find the way to make it more sustainable in the long-run to maintain our foundation and to be able to continue in what we want to do. Our group divided money for education and social entrepreneurs 5 millions each for four years, 10 millions in property investment and 20 millions in stocks and saving account. We also adapted our plan to others incidents such as natural disasters or economic depression which I can’t explain by myself because I am very slow when it comes to math and finance but I do understand the concepts and my teammates could explain that because we worked in team.


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