“Be logical and make an effective decision”

Philanthropy and Non-profit Organization 


Amazing group members: Jayne, Dini, Erng, Adi, Thein


In my own opinion, the hardest part in the role play was working with the team thinking something “specific” and “effective” in such a short of time (5-15 mins).  Also, the board The Better Foundation has a lot of money to manage, thus decision has to be made carefully and in details. Everyone had to come up with their ideas instantly. Another thing that also difficult is that “solving the problem” when the budget is reduced and the board had to be more “strategic”. I can sense that everyone in my group has a mercy mind, do they do not want to cut off any budget that’s already planned to grant or already granted, so we have to look at the problems from different angles, figured out what we want to do and what the “reality” is and how can we make it possible. However, the difficult part gave us a truly fun time. Solving problem is not always  difficult. When we finally figured out the solution, it gave us a pleasant enjoyment as well 🙂


Simultaneously, this role play exercise personally gave me a lesson. Actually, I’m not a kind of person who has an interest on business or managing budget. I’m a kind of person who work in action on field. In reality, as a non-profit organization which has limited budget but has to spend it effectively, funding process has to be manged carefully for long term. I actually learn how to “spend” and “grow” profit effectively from Bernard, a future businessman who has already agree to help me if I have my own business/ non-profit organization. Thank you so much Bernard!



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