Assignment: Role play

  • What did you find difficult in this role play exercise?

The most difficult I found in this role play exercise is that how we can use EFFECTIVELY and PRACTICALLY the endowment of $50 million with $2,500,000 in grants per year. The money is HUGE and can’t be wasted. It’s hard to find the focus of my funding but so much more difficult to define HOW should I fund on that (How many percent, when, how long?…). Less experienced in calculating, accounting and project management skills is the main cause that make us feel difficult.

  • What was most fun?

The most fun thing is to see how people in my team worked in harmony. After the basis of the project is decided, every single member then kept adding the ideas to the project. It’s interesting to see the initial project was raw and sounded difficult, now became a creative, step-by-step and practical project.

  • Does this exercise provide any insights into the funding process?

Yes. This exercise helped us to use the fund more cautious, effective and suitable. In this unpredictable world, everything is going up and down so we need to try to prepare in many bad situation (Economy turns down). While we are NGO, non-profit but we still need to self-raise funding even when we’re “Fine’.

From Hiep Cu,


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