How the Financial Insecurity of the Youth in Afghanistan Impacts International Insecurity

I got an opportunity to be perticipant in Global Studies Conference hosted by The University of Nebraska at Omaha. on that event I learn so much about International issues. I will share one of  the resume that I ‘ve made.

Afghanistan is an underdeveloped country and much of its infrastructure has been destroyed by conflict. Its new state institutions lack the basic capacity and resources to administer their mandates. These structural problems are compounded by the country’s expanding population, 70% of which is illiterate and demand jobs that do not exist. Taken together, abject poverty, a lack of basic services, and a demographic explosion significantly contribute to instability in Afghanistan

Afghanistan nowadays is in crisis of financial security that affecting all sector including International Security. Al-Qaeda and ISIS are actively functioning and take advantage of this crisis because the high number of unemployment youth in Afghanistan. The rebels group are doing brain washing in order to convince them joining the group and giving direction to the wrong way using religious doctrine that was definitely diverge from the original religious teaching. Afghanistan is also has the world largest opium cultivation that reach 80% of global production. The rebelias group owning the drugs cultivation to fund the cost of war. The government is failed to ban the drugs cultivation.  The Government is also failed in controlling the society, fighting the rebellions group, and giving a good public services toward the society. Afghans today are living in an environment where increasing numbers of people openly carry weapons and armed groups proliferate.

Afghanistan confront to transnational security threats, problems are never solved in particular from the narcotics trade and terrorism stand. These security threats feed into and are fed by Afghanistan’s internal and regional challenges.  Increasing poverty and weak governance, for example, are as much responsible for mass drug production in Afghanistan as the global demand for narcotics; this is not to mention the alliance between the Taliban and drug traffickers, who exploit Afghanistan’s vulnerable population to destabilize the country

My Question is that:

” How The Goverment govern the society and why they’re not implement the policy they’ve made. Why do people not complain and protest to government?”

One thing that people need is that security , so people prefer to be silent for whatever it’s happen. Once they protest to Government they will be in trouble. There’s no rule of law, responsibility, and proffesionality in government sectore. as a qonsequence poverty and  incecurity of Afghanistan is widespread throughout rural and urban areas. The government estimates that 42 per cent of the country’s total population lives below the national poverty line. Another 20 per cent of the people live just above that line and are highly vulnerable to the risk of falling into poverty.


Afghanistan people cannot suffered longer from this insecurity condition. They need help for International society even they’ve got it, it’s not enough . The recommendation for both national and international scope. There are

  1. Reforming the government
  2. Enhancing collaboration between International organization and Afghan Government
  3. Community Development toward society
  4. Making better education systems
  5. Economic Development
  6. Enhancing the Law


By : Dini Puspita


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