Global Studies Conference

Political and Social transitions in the Middle East

Presentation: Shining Path: A Dimmer but More Pragmatic Future

Speaker: Thomas Kolasa, Ph.D

Troy University

Thomas Kolasa, Ph.D
From my perspective, every country in the world has its own internal and external conflicts but the conflict resolution, perhaps, have been done in different manners and different ways. I believe that one way that effectively help people to solve conflicts is that getting people to understand the conflict in the deeper level, and because of this, researches that relate to the conflicts are very important. It would give people a better understanding about particular conflicts in each areas.

On October 2nd , 2015, YSEALI members from nine countries around South East Asia had a great opportunity to join the 38th Annual Global Studies Conference at UNO. One of the presentation I will talk about is the most interesting presentation I have ever listened to. It was the first time that “Shinning Path” was introduced to me. Honestly, I have a dim view about political situation in Peru. So this is a whole new thing for me. Dr. Kolasa went through the presentation with out any “ppt” presentation and it made all audience pay attention to him perfectly. Eventually, his presentation led me to study further about the issue. 

“Shinning Path” is the Peruvian, Maoist, guerrilla group, aka Communist Party of Peru (1980-present), that was first established in order to  replace the bourgeois democracy with their “new democracy” ideology, and which is somehow seen as a pure dictatorship in terms of practice. Now, the Shinning Path has officially moved to the “legitimate, nonviolence political realm” which gave a big impact on political situation in Peru after two decades. They also wanted to become a normal party by associating with Peruvian government, still, the Shining Path party is not fully accepted by the government. This is interesting because I could see a small scale of political dynamic in Peru that is under changing; even the communist Party needs to, somewhat, forget their original fundamental and become a part of democracy society, so they can remain in power.

Patcharin Boobpha


One thought on “Global Studies Conference

  1. Thank you for this, Erng! This got me thinking about Communism in SEA where Communism had to negotiate its own survival in post-colonial times, either as a reinterpreted ideology competing for support in new democratic structures or as an outlawed rebel ideology competing for support as an alternative form of government.
    This interesting piece of regional history played out for me Von shared at Upstream Brewing Company the other day about how the Communists in Philippines broke up into splinter groups. Some of the more moderate ones set up their own parties as was the case with the present-day Akbayan party (of which Von is a member of the youth wing WOOHOO!) Others stayed – the New People’s Army is still conducting insurgency to this day.


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