Dumping-an impoverished African state

Young Southeast Asian Leader Fall program 2015 Initiative brings 21 students from 9 countries in the region to the United States of America in the state of Nebraska. One of the most interesting programs I have attended so far was the Global Studies Conference, which specifically touched on the topic of Environment in Africa. Throughout the presentation, I have noticed similarities of pollution and contamination problems that actually occurred throughout the world. Huge trash dumping site locates in the city is not uncommon among developing countries, especially the one in Senegal, an African state. This dumpsite produces tons of methane and other harmful gases that could be seen by human eyes as smog all over the area. However, many underprivileged people rely on the recyclable material to make out a living for themselves. They collect plastic and glass that they can actually sell back to the original company. The government and civil society organizations are thinking about ways that they can eliminate this harmful consequence of urbanization.

cdn.mg.co         One of the reasons why I think that it is related to YSEALI topic on Civic engagement is that the problem itself gives people who experience the disaster that is created of this toxic dump a clear understanding of what happens when they use too much non-disposable products and material like plastic bag. It helps them to fuller participate in cutting down on the amount of waste to be produced every year. Civic engagement allows citizen to make their own choice in dealing with problems, especially in situation like this when only the people can truly understand what is really the problem and how they can solve them together. All in all, I think that Civic engagement is superbly important since it allows those who suffer to speak their voice and fight for change.


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